Koku Üzerine Bilgiler

      One of the most important factors that strengthen the brand and keep it in mind for a long time is that the brand has an effective and beautiful scent.

      From our five senses; you can close your eyes, clog your ears, not to touch and not to taste anything, but the sense of smell must always be clear because it is part of every breath we take.

      Using the most pleasant, the most common smells in products and stores; as it helps people to feel active and pleasant, it also makes the products sold attractive. Studies say that the benefit of institutional scent towards the customer is as much as 26%. The company creates customer awareness with its institutional scent.

  • In a study conducted at the Montreal Shopping Centre, sales increased by 14% with the scent that had been released to the centr (Journal of Service Research, vol 8, p 181)
  • In the United States, when the smell of freshly baked bread was release into the air in a supermarket, it was seen that the sales in the bread section had tripled. (Hirsch, 1995, International Journal of Aromatherapy)
  • In a study conducted by giving lavender scent to the environment on the workstations, it has been proved that the employees’ work performances’ decline was prevented. (sakamoto, et al, 2006, cited at http://chemse.oxfordjournals.org)
  • According to a study in the USA, the scent given to the casino environment increased its profit by 48%. (Hirsch, 1995, Psychology and Marketing)
  • Sony is also one of the companies that keep up with the scent fashion. Realizing that men buy more electronic products than women, the company officials searched for ways to lay women among their customers. Christine Belich who is Creative Designer of Sony Stores says “Our products appeal to the senses of sight and hearing” and continues “Therefore we thought that sense of smelling was necessary for completeness of the sensory experience.”